Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soup-y Tuesday

Ever get tired of the same routine, same schedule, even the same lines of BS that some spew at you? Me too, lol! But the more I get 'tired' of things, the more it drives me to do things differently. Currently, I'm tired of being in debt and 'doing the dance' with our budget. So as is typical for my personality, I'm not OK bitching about it and carrying on doing the same thing with disappointing results.

See, being on a budget in a purposeful way to save, pay down debt and establish financial freedom mean that I have to research and try new ways to feed our growing family of 6 on a mere $100 (give or take a little xtra) a week. Impossible? Some weeks, YES! But through meal planning, carefully organizing what I have, and making more from scratch has helped mitigate the 'budget crunch'.

Which brings me to Soup-y Tuesday!!

I've been playing around with making certain nights of the week theme nights so Tuesdays are now being converted to soup-for-dinner. :) Soup is usually cheaper and I can make my own stock from homemade roast ckn or beef products.

Tonights Menu is: Onion Soup with Sausage & mushrooms, cheese filled bread stix (bought these per kid's request) and salad.

p.s. Monday is now leftover day! . . . and any other day where there's plenty left to feed the masses!


  1. One of my favorite cheap meals is Mac and cheese with sausage. (I use ground sausage so that it crumbles.) I buy the sausage when it is on sale. Toss it in the freezer for later use. I use elbow macaroni and canned cheese soup then brown the sausage and mix all together. Add a salad and dinner is served in less than 30 minutes. If you would like exact measurements you can email me at weareonbyruth_at_gmail.com Just replace the _at_ with the @. I raised 6 kids on a tight budget. It can be done. I used to joke that I worked for food until I realized that was exactly what my part time job paid for.

  2. God will bless you through all your hard work. I like the idea of having a theme night for weekly dinners. This is Soup Season and Crock Pot Season. Here is a link from a women who is very dedicating on helping us stretch the budget. It is called Faithful Provisions, https://www.facebook.com/faithfulprovisions

  3. Ruth - thnx for the recipe! Wouldn't you know that I happen to have a pound of ground sausage in my freezer too, lol!

    Soaring Dove - I found the FB page and clicked 'like'. Thnx for passing along! Any resources are more than welcome. :)

  4. Hi Brash World!
    I'm in the same boat and have been for a few years - but with one daughter who has Celiac Disease. Traditional noodle soups, etc, are things she can't have, so we experiment a lot with soups and one of our faves is "Taco Soup." Cook taco meat/seasonings and add: onion, can of green chilis, can of rotel (chilis added) tomatoes, can of corn, can of pinto beans. Add water to your liking (and sometimes I add rice, too.) Very good with some grated cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips. Canned veggies (which I normally stay away from, but hey, it's soup!) are so cheap and you can adjust to add more/less of what your family likes/dislikes. Feeds a lot of people for very little $.
    Just wanted to pass it on.